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Domestic Flight

Domestic Flight Departure Guide


Departure Guide

Here are the stages - stages that must be passed by passengers:

Security inspection

To enter the departure terminal, all passengers must go through security checks doors. That must be considered at this stage include:

  1. Prepare your travel documents as follows:
    • Tickets as corresponding dates
    • Identity card
  2. All luggage must be checked through the x-ray machine.
  3. To facilitate the inspection process, so that all metal objects such as mobile phones, keys, and other, to be put into bags.
  4. All passengers must go through Walk through Metal Detector (WTMD).
  5. If necessary, passengers and luggage can be checked manually by Airport Security Officer.
  6. Report to the Security Officer if your service
  • Using pacemakers
  • Carrying of firearms
    1. Not allowed to bring along sharp and dangerous items such as knives, penknives, nail clipper, cutter, lighters, matches, gas, and so forth.

Reporting (check in)

  1. Prepare your travel documents, as follows:
    • Tickets corresponding dates
    • Identity card
  2. Please queue up the reporting table (the check-in counter) corresponding to your airline. Table reporting at least 2 hours before departure time.
  3. For flight safety, report your luggage weighing more than 7 kg, da only allowed to carry one luggage that weighs less than 7 kg into the aircraft cabin.

Scanning / Tapping Boarding Pass

  • Submit your boarding pass to the attendant tapping.

Security Inspection 2

  • Passengers are obliged to release the belts, watches, hats, jackets, keys, coins and empty the contents of the pocket / shirt.

Departure Lounge

  • After reporting your departure in the reporting table, you can wait the departure time in Departure Lounge according to the location indicated on the Boarding Pass.


  • follow the "Arrival" and "Baggage Claim"
  • Check the information screen on the Conveyor Belt to your flight
  • If the lost luggage, you can contact the staff at the airline counter Lost and Found
  • Available facilities trolley in the baggage claim area.
  • If needed, you can use the services of a porter to help carry luggage